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We believe the story of our God-given rights is the great missing link to restore our nation again. The great story of Liberty reaches its crescendo in America with the Mayflower Compact and the landing of the Pilgrim fathers almost 400 years ago. But the great story began in Nazareth when the author of liberty, Jesus gave His first sermon to his home synagogue. The story is detailed in Luke chapter 4. He opened the scroll to Isaiah 61 ( Isaiah 61:1-11 ) and read the Messianic prophecy of the purpose of the Messiahs coming. He detailed that he came to heal the broken-hearted, the blind, and to preach the Gospel to the poor. But when He came to the subject of Liberty he said he came to set the captives free, and then He repeated it a second time saying he came to set those that were in bondage free. When He finished reading the passage Jesus sat down and told the men that this prophecy had been fulfilled in their midst.  The liberation of the world began that day. Jesus unleashed through His loving message of redemption, the power and principles that would bring the golden thread of liberty to the nations. From here we see the clear paper trail of liberty from the blood bought freedom documents that eminated from the Magna Carta, English Bill of rights, Mayflower compact, to our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Political, economic and religious liberty have never been realized until the Pilgrim fathers applied the principles of the Bible fully to civil law. We can restore freedom and prosperity in our nation, only if we voluntary return to those eternal principles of right, those laws given at Mount Sinai and hold our representatives accountable to limit their jurisdiction to the protection of our God-given rights, not the limitation or interpretation of them.
A weekend of Repentance and Prayer, The Return, begins on Friday, September 25, at 6:00 p.m. on the National Mall in Washington, DC.  
The Return is an appointed time, set apart for one purpose: the return to God by coming before His presence in humility, sincerity in prayer, and repentance. 
John Bona along with son, Matt, will be ministering Friday evening at approximately 7:30 PM. Also ministering Friday evening are Mike Lindell (Founder of "My Pillow"), Nicky Cruz (whose life was depictied in the 1970 movie "The Cross and the Switchblade"), Kevin Sorbo (actor), and Retired General Jerry Boykin. Past prayer breakfast speakers Anne Graham Lotz, Alveda King and Pat Boone will also be participating over the weekend.
Please join in for this simulcast across America and the world in 60 languages. ( https://thereturn.org/ )
You may remember reading 2 Chronicles 7:14 at the 15th annual Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast. This Bible verse is now the theme for The Return.
“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
Please see Johnathan Cahn’s attached video and information for The Return.